Connect to your medical records with Apple Health

Many well known health systems like Cedars-Sinai, Georgetown University Hospital, John’s Hopkins, and others are letting patients connect their medical records to their iPhones via Apple Health.

Once you connect your record, other apps on your phone such as the Glow App, Have I Been Tested, Heal, and Medisafe can be authorized to use your medical records to help you set up medication reminders, among other things.

Interested in connecting? Follow the simple instructions below or watch the video.

Open Apple Health on your iPhone.

Tap here if you are on your phone or find the Heart Shaped app that comes pre-installed on all iPhones.

Scroll down to “Medical Records”

It is below the pictures of the peach and the moon. It is between "Body Measurement" and "Heart."

Tap the red button at the bottom and find your health care provider.

Once you find your hospital or health system, use your patient portal username and password to log in. You can add multiple providers and lab companies (such as Quest) to get a complete, integrated health record on your phone.

Connect Apps

Connect apps like Glow, Medisafe, and Tested to your Medical Records. Check out our ever growing list of apps that support Apple Health.